Name my character!

Every time I’m at the finish line of writing a story (please bear in mind, it’s a lengthy finish line), I usually disappear from the social media.

For a long while.

Like now.

I’ve been absent from Twitter, I’ve only scrolled through Facebook every few weeks and blog posts have been non-existent.

And that’s because when I’m writing a novel, that’s all I’m writing: nothing else.

The new novel that I just sent to my developmental editor (thank you, Sarah!) is called Swift Escape. This is still a working title, which means that it might change, but since I do really like it, it has a good chance of staying.

For everyone who is waiting for Descendants of Earth 2, my apologies that the book is not out already.

I am writing the sequel, and it will appear several months after Swift Escape.

For now, I need a little help from you guys. One of my characters is called Jill. It’s a nice name, but it’s too close to my protagonist’s name, Jane McGregor.

Jane and Jill? You understand 🙂

So… Jill needs a new name. And I’d love to hear what ideas you have.

“Jill” is in her late twenties, her mom is from Japan, her dad is American, and she works (together with Jane) at the biological research center in Boston.

What is her name?

Thanks for your help!

And read soon!

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