Someone else

Long time not seen!

I’m finishing up the book  #1, and I’m trying to postpone all other things that come my way, including this blog, sorry.

But, I need to give it something to eat, otherwise next time I come back, I’ll see only bones.

Being engrossed in writing up my story, every now and then I need to do something else, just to give my brain a breather. So today, I read the part of the book I had started some months ago, but then stopped to finish up book #1.

So I’m reading it, and smile, and then I laugh.

Did I write that?

That’s so funny!

I read more… I like it…. Good vocabulary… hmm… I keep getting more surprised the more I read.

It’s actually a perfect story, the one I’d love to read, and I really like the way it’s written. But it so much doesn’t sound like me!!

And then I come to the end of what I wrote (probably the first third of this book), and I get scared and anxious, because here’s what I’m thinking: How can I continue writing like that, when I don’t even recognize my own style?

But I definitely need to finish Book #2! It would be a shame if I wouldn‘t.  I’d hate it if those words never saw the light of day, or the “Power On” button on Kindle. Let’s hope that this Creative Persona comes back once I go return to my “Jane and Sam” story.

Alright, back to Book #1!


p.s.  Cristian Mihai (and indie author whose blogs I follow) writes a blog post pretty much every day AND he’s also writing a novel at the same time. HOW?? It puzzles me….

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