The readers I write my stories for

By accident, I just discovered a review someone (Anonymous) posted about my short story “Forbidden” on Barnes&Noble almost a year ago.

I’ve taken the liberty to copy it here:

“This was a completely and totally awesome short story! I have never before read anything like it. I felt I was facing the dilemma the character was facing. And, really the ending is like a metaphor, don’t you agree? Please. Pray, you will stop drawing attention to the ‘vague’ ending, and just enjoy the symbol it represents. This was just so honest and so spot on and so trueee! I probably won’t need to keep eating chocolate when I am craving it because I’ll have this short story to eat up! Cheers to the author for writing something so unique and real.”

When writing a book, one has an idea of a reader for one‘s own work. Stephen Kind calls this an “ideal reader”. It‘s a person who totally gets it, who smiles at the jokes of the characters, who truly suffers with them in times of peril and who is right beside them when they encounter their worst demons. Every author (in most cases,  unless we are talking bestsellers) has a niche audience, a group that thinks alike, feels alike.

These are the readers I write my stories for.

Thank you, Anonymous, for your review 🙂


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