I live in Switzerland next to the Zürich Lake. I am married, have two beautiful boys, two cats and a dog.

I love writing romance stories, particularly impossible, “could never happen” (but they still do!) love stories with happy endings.

My debut novel is called “The Senthien”, the first book of “Descendants of Earth” trilogy and it is a number one best-selling SF worldwide.  “The Mind”, a sequel to “The Senthien” and “The Vision” the final instalment of #DOE are available as well. “Swift Escape”, a romance tech-thriller, is a stand alone novel: the Jason Bourne-type of adventure seen from a perspective of his female companion.

In addition, I also wrote few short stories: “Dante’s 9”, “Forbidden” and “Far Away”.

In my previous (pre-author) life, I was a neuroscientist, a marketing manager and an entrepreneur. Now, my work is my passion: writing. I hope you will enjoy reading my books just as much as I enjoyed writing them.