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    1. Hi Eva 🙂 I have a final version of “The Mind” ready and it will go through a final proofread tomorrow!! It will take 2 weeks (I hope) and then it will be ready 😀 However, if you are eager to read it, I can provide an ARC (advance reader copy) for you, if you wish. Just please write me a direct email, ok? Talk/read soon 😉

    1. Hi Krystal 🙂 This will be trilogy. The final sequel´s draft is done. Now it’s time for edits, re-writes and such. It will take a few more months until its ready, but I hope I´ll have it out after summer. I hope you are enjoy it 🙂

      1. I am just seeing this message! I am so excited to read the final installment. I love the world building & charter development. I was heart broken in the 2 book but also oddly understanding of what the characters desired. I can not wait to see how you wrap up the story.

  1. Why isn’t The Vision available as a NOOK book? B&N has it in paperback but not in ebook. I got The Senthien and The Mind as ebooks and they aren’t available anymore either.

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