Descendants of Earth: Complete Trilogy

Five thousand years in the future, the Earth is dead. A galactic network of terraformed planets, connected by teleportation portals, is populated by the genetically improved Descendants. The original Humans, labeled dangerous and barbaric, are kept under constant surveillance, and contact with the Descendants is strictly forbidden.

In this seemingly peaceful society, Dora Dana Dasnan, a gifted Visionaire, serves the leading race of Descendants by reporting her Visions of the future. But when she witnesses a forbidden Vision—an intimate contact with a Human man—she realizes her life is in danger. Escape from this disciplined and controlled society seems impossible, but just when Dora loses all hope, a teleportation error sends her to a new and astoundingly beautiful planet.

Here begins a remarkable journey where she adapts to an alien culture, learns the frightening truth behind her dystopic world, and experiences a Vision of the future that could save the Human race.

Descendants of Earth is a trilogy comprising The SenthienThe Mind, and The Vision, blending science fiction and dystopian fiction with romance.







Angus and Robertson




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