The Vision

There is no need to fear, if there’s but one choice to be made.

In a dystopic world of genetically modified Descendants, where teleportations are controlled by sophisticated AI, Humans are detained on a prison planet for reasons more sinister than mere punishment. 

Dora Dana Dasnan, a gifted Visionaire, knows she is the only one who can save them: she needs to teleport them away from the Uni galaxy. The evacuation is going smoothly and Dora manages to teleport thousands of Humans to safety, when an unexpected event throws her onto a completely new path.

Now, to save the people she loves the most, she will need to make the most difficult sacrifice of her life.




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Available on all major print retailers. If they dont currently have, ask to order it. IngramSpark delivers worldwide.

It is also available for free in your local library. Again, if they dont have it, ask for it.

And – if you would like to get a signed copy: please, send me an email.

Audio book

Available on 44 different audio-book retailers.

Author note (May 2022): There is a current issue with two of the chapters in “The Vision” audiobook. I am working to clear this out with Findaway Voices, the production and distribution company. Until the correct version reaches all the retailers, please listen to Chapter 2 and Chapter 9 here. To all my readers and listeners who have bought the audio book already, I am very sorry for this production mistake. My deepest apologies..