Swift Escape

A passionate romance, a gripping thriller.

Jane McGregor will never fall in love again. Her previous relationships all failed, the last one ending miserably. Besides, as an ambitious young microbiologist working in a prestigious lab in Boston, she has other aspirations. Nevertheless, the mysterious freelance photographer, Sam Swift, who just moved in next door, keeps distracting her from her work.

To make matters worse, Jane’s boss reassigns her from her current microbiological project to a top-secret lab to study a new strain of bacteria. There her orderly life spins out of control when she makes a devastating discovery: she is working on a biological weapon that could threaten the lives of millions. This realization makes her a target of shadowy forces, but just when capture is imminent, Sam helps her escape.

In a deadly race to survive, find an antidote, and save humankind, Jane also discovers just how deep the mysteries around Sam lie.




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Orell Füssli

Angus and Robertson


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Paperback is available in many stores. If they don’t have it available, ask for it. Distributor IngramSpark is delivering worldwide. Also, it is available from your local library. Again, if they don’t currently have it, order it, as Ingram sends to all libraries worldwide.

And – if you would like to get a signed copy: please, send me an email.

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