The Senthien


A mysterious Vision.

An astounding new world.

And a life she never could have imagined.

Five thousand years in the future, the Earth is dead. A galactic network of terraformed planets, connected by teleportation portals, is populated by the genetically improved Descendants. The original Humans, labeled dangerous and barbaric, are kept under constant surveillance.

In this seemingly peaceful society, Dora Dana Dasnan, a gifted Visionaire, serves the leading race of Descendants by reporting her Visions of the future. But when one of her Visions predicts the unthinkable — contact with a Human man — Dora’s carefully ordered life begins to unravel as she desperately tries to hide her thoughts from her masters.

Soon, her very life is in danger and she needs to escape before it’s too late. But in this disciplined and controlled society that is impossible. Just when Dora loses all hope, a teleportation error sends her to a new and astoundingly beautiful world: a wild, lush, green planet where all her hidden emotions come to life.

And then – she meets the natives, and one in particular looks strangely familiar. And while Dora struggles to adapt to an alien culture she also discovers just how powerful her emotions really are.”

I started writing my first book several years ago, and now (a lot later than I anticipated!) my debut novel is out on Amazon. “The Senthien” is the first book of the “Descendants of Earth” trilogy and I am currently writing a sequel.

To help initiate some interest in me as a new author, Amazon will offer the book for free. The promotion lasts until Friday, so grab the book for free while you can. And please share with your family, friends and colleagues.

I hope you will find it a quick and easy read. I also hope that the story will move you and that you will empathize with the characters too. But whatever your reactions are while (and after) you read “The Senthien”, I would love to hear about them. Is there anything else you would like to know about the story or about Dora? Are there any open questions you’d like to know the answer to? And how do you think the story will continue?
Tell me what you think – I am curious!

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