One of my favourite scenes in “The Senthien”

When Dora and her teammates – in my book “The Senthien” – finally access the old computer facility, the images on the ancient large OLED screens leave them overwhelmed. These are the images of the old Earth, and they are simply amazing.
With 5000 years in the future and light-years away from the old Earth, Dora has never seen anything like this before in her life: she is left breathless.

And so should we all be: Earth is not to be taken for granted.
Appreciate it.
Treasure it.
And it just might stay to be our home for many generations to come.


I have recorded this video more than six months ago, but I could not post it since I was missing the image of breathtaking mountains reflected on the surface of a lake. Then, a few days ago, an Instagram friend of mine, a brilliant photographer Filip Kocovski, posted this photograph. And so it happens, this was the image I was waiting for 🙂
Filip kindly let me use it in my Vlog.
Thank you, Filip!!!
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You can find out more about “The Senthien” here.

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