What’s a good book?

A good book is when I can’t wait for my next available free time to sit and read the next few pages. When I read the page on the left and my eyes keep jumping to the page on the right, desperate to find out what will happen. A book that I often rewind: I go back to read a paragraph again and again, because I really liked it. A story where I identify with a character: someone who is good, brave, but still has some minor faults I can relate to.

A book where I can tell that there is not only one mystery being solved, but actually several mystery loops. Some small mysteries are revealed within the next several chapters, but some big ones are answered only at the end of the book, or even the end of the final sequel of several books.

I wish I was talking about my book, but unfortunately I’m talking about a specific book I just got for Xmas from my husband. It’s called “Divergent” by Veronica Roth and it has all the things I’ve mentioned above.


I wish I wrote that book.


I didn’t, so the second best thing I can do is to write a book where my readers will feel the same way as I did while reading Divergent. If you like books like “Twilight” or “Hunger Games” go and get this one too.


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