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When I was 18, just finishing gymnasium, I had the possibility to have a one day session at the Career Consulting Centre. This organization gives advice on your carrier options best suited for your talents and ambitions. They run you through different tests, some IQ-ones, some psychological ones. Once this is finished and you receive your career advice you can even include that document with your university application.

Although I had a pretty good idea where I was going, I still visited the Career Center, just so that they re-confirm my decision.

Bunch of different types of tests lasting a whole day. Few days after, I’m invited back to discuss my career and future possibilities. For me, the results were very clear, my advisor told me: I’m about to become a writer.

I’m like: What??? A writer? What kind of a career is that? No, no, no…. I might do that in my spare time alright, but I’ll move forward with my plan: I’ll study molecular biology! Now, to be quite honest with you, there was a bit of snobbism there, because molecular biology was an elite study direction where only the best of the best students can enter. And I wanted to be the best of the best!

So to cut a long story short: molecular biology, neuroscience, a genetic engineering company and a position in a robotics company brought me to where I am today. No “Interactive writing” course anywhere (hmmm….), but all of these steps were, I think, important for me to draw out information which I can  use in my books.

But with all of that knowledge, the book I’m currently writing, and those that I have in mind to write, are in fact love stories. Because I just fall for love stories. I love to read about them, I love to hear about them from my friends and family, and I love writing about them. (In the background you should now hear “Love is all around…”… No? I think your speakers are off….   )

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  1. Jade,

    To quote something I heard recently, which is I think good advice: “listening to our hearts much more than our heads”

    Your heart knows best, listen and follow it.

    May good things come to you. May you be happy.


  2. T
    looking forward to see this page developping!
    hope there will be some innuendos to molecular biology in your book as well, and about robotics 🙂
    good luck!

  3. I am very happy for you that you really start your writer’s career now.
    In fact, I am also happy for me. Looking forward to your book!!!

  4. The first advice I would offer is this: be wary of following the careers advice your college gives you. In journalism school, for example, students are routinely instructed that, though they may wish to write about development issues in Latin America, in order to achieve the necessary qualifications and experience they must first spend at least three years working for a local newspaper, before seeking work for a national newspaper, before attempting to find a niche which brings them somewhere near the field they want to enter. You are told to travel, in other words, in the opposite direction to the one you want to take. You want to go to Latin America? Then first you must go to Nuneaton. You want to write about the Zapatistas? Then first you must learn how to turn corporate press releases into “news”. You want to be free? Then first you must learn to be captive.-


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