How it started

When I was about 11 we had a school assignment to write a science fiction essay. So the very first idea of this book appeared: far, far in the future (I’m still not sure how far that will be right now) when teleporting is the standard means of transportation, my female heroine is “ported” to complete some task on a specific planet. As the port is completed, she finds herself on a planet that does not at all correspond to what she´d expected.

A very new world, she’d never seen before.

And the main idea of who she is, why was she ported there and what happens on that planet was formed.

20 years later, I’m reading about an author who describes how she wrote a book (one of my favorites!) – in only 3 months. Wow! 3 months? Alright, if she can do it, so can I!

5 years later I still haven’t finished it, but this author and her thoughs on writing, inspired me to start and continue writing. And so it goes…

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