Cliffhangers, or not?

cliffhangerI know I keep repeating myself, but I’ve almost finished the book #1. Almost.

What I’d like to cover in this (quick) post is the ending: should it be a complete ending of Book #1 with final conclusion or a cliffhanger. As a reader, I HATE cliffhangers! But also, as a reader, if they’re done well, I’m hooked and I’m going to read the sequel.

As it looks right now, I’m going to write a cliffhanger in book #1.


Not because I want to hook you so that you buy the book # 2 (at least not entirely), but because if I am to finish the story (the way I like) I would still need to write another 30 to 50 more pages. And once I’m there, I might add a bit more to complete something else, etcetera etcetera.

What I’m trying to say is that it’s very difficult to stop a story, especially if it’s planned to be several books (and mine is). It’s time to get book #1 out and published, otherwise I’ll procrastinate for an eternity.

Of course, you might think I could do a happy conclusion at the end of this book (as I actually did with last two chapter as book #1 reads now), but it’s just obvious to me it wouldn’t work. It would simply not be believable. I would not like my main character if this is what he decides to do. So I just can’t leave it like this (although I really love happy endings). It has to be in the sequel #2.

Alright, this post is done – back to the book # 1!

p.s. Did I already mention Christian Mihai and his daily blogs?


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